Dec 18 2008

It’s about time.

Many people have been pestering me to create some new content for my site.  I have been really busy the past few months so I could not create much, but I have finally found some time to create some new content.  A little while ago I found myself teaching wave mechanics to a grade 11 class.  I had a lot of fun teaching them, we had the chance to play with slinkies and snakies (its like a slinky except its longer and skinnier) and discovered the physics behind wave motion, reflection, translation and wave interactions.
I noticed that I do not have an applet that could demonstrate the aspects of wave mechanics, so I finally got around to creating one.  

This applet allows you to create waves, and wave pulses in a string with elastic properties.   You can also create your own wave by dragging one of the ends of the string.

The string is divided into two sections, and each section can have different properties.  When the properties of each section is the same, the two strings behave as if it is one string,  but when the properties are different, some interesting things happen when waves pass from one string to another.

The different colours of the string represent tension, black is lowest tension, green is higher, then blue and then finally red.

Let me know if there are any problems with the applet, I have tried to test is as much as possible.  But I could have easily overlooked something.


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